Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pull the plug

Enough, already. The human experiment has gone horribly awry. Created in His image my narrow, hairy, Armenian arse.

When we avidly heed the "expertise" of this fucking jack-ass while conveniently ignoring this, or this, or this, we've reached rock-bottom. But hey, it's all good! After all, these are all dirty, camel-fucking, America-hatin', would-be terrorists, right? That toddler that was dug out of the rubble should have been left to die like the filthy Ay-rab scum that he is. You know he's going to grow up to be a suicide-bombing piece of garbage. Hell, those fucking rag-heads probably staged the whole thing. Or so the state of Israel and all their anti-Semitic ass-kissers would have us believe. Yes, I wrote anti-Semitic. Palestinians are Semites, too. Our overall ignorance and disregard for life, human or otherwise, is staggering.

This shit has gone on long enough. Pull the fucking plug -- we don't deserve to live.