Wednesday, May 16, 2007

You're killing me!!!

Utterly disastrous performance by the Cavs tonight. This team is still much too inconsistent, and I think this flaw is an unfortunate reflection of their coach's inexperience and/or unassertiveness. PLEASE design an offense that doesn't consist of one guy holding the ball while four other guys stand around as the shot clock winds down, thereby forcing the guy holding the ball do one of the following: a) throw up an awkward fadeaway jumper that doesn't stand a chance; b) force an ill-advised pass to an unprepared/clueless teammate; c) try to force his way to the hoop only to kick the ball out of bounds or otherwise turn it over.

It is nice that the team can play good defense when they need it, but tonight's game, as poorly played as it was during the first three quarters, should have been won in the fourth. When you hold the Nets to 6 lousy points on what seemed like roughly 10% shooting (both field and free-throws) for an entire quarter, you've GOT to make up more than just 6 or 7 crummy points in the score. God, what a catastrophe.

Can we take Game 6? Absolutely -- in spite of our shortcomings, I still feel as though our team is better. Nonetheless, we need to get some decent point-guard play and actually have a plan on offense. Larry "Chelonid" Hughes is a free-wheeling, slashing two-guard, and is therefore not at all equipped to run the team. Put the ball in Bron-Bron's hands and let the team's only gifted passer distribute the ball. If the other players don't knock down their shots or, even worse, continue to stand around like topiary, well... I guess we'll have to resort to our yearly war-cry: "Wait 'til next year!"

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