Thursday, August 30, 2007

Demote the Polish Pop-gun NOW!

Another blown save, and a vultured win. This guy will be the death of this team if they make it to the post-season. I hate to think it, say it, and post it, but I'm afraid it will be so. Must the Tribe continue to tempt fate by trotting out their most incompetent pitcher to close out important wins? We're in a bloody pennant race here, damn it! Have the lessons learned in 1997 already faded from the franchise's collective memory? Not so for me, I'm afraid. I can still remember every detail of that nightmare, right down to the debilitating nausea I felt with every pitch thrown by Hoser Mesa. Yet another set of rhetorical questions: What's it going to take to finally demote this train-wreck of a closer? How many more consecutive outings in which he gives up runs? How many more times does he have to practically guarantee the lead-off man will get on base? And what's the threshold on his ERA? It's a staggering 5.60 after tonight's debacle. Does it actually have to balloon over 6.00 before we show this tool the door? Please, no more. I'm sure Blow-rowski is a very decent human being, and I actually feel a tiny shard of guilt pricking my conscience because of the frustration and hostility I'm constantly directing at him... but his closing days for this team must come to an end. Our fan base has suffered enough.

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