Saturday, January 12, 2008

Random goings-on

Newly mowed grass = ibis heaven.

Garage attraction, part I: toad.

Garage attraction, part II: pygmy rattler.

Plaid the Wonder Dog takes it to Monkeyshines while Peeping M&M looks on. Work can be very fun sometimes.

I've gotten into the unfortunate habit of climbing onto chairs, tables, etc., dropping my pants, and striking an "Hey, look at me!" pose. So far, this has only happened at work or while visiting friends... we'll see what happens in the future. That's my manager, Lou (aka Weejgay) looking utterly defeated by my antics and his inability to curtail them. Did I mention that my job provides countless hours of mirth?

First dive during certification process: Devil's Den. Super-cool setting, freezing-cold water. Gotta buy a 7mm or more full-body wetsuit, lest the Clevelander bloodline comes to a shivering, whimpering end.

Dinner with friends while sporting my latest facial hair fetish: the Bela Lugosi inspired "White Zombie" look. Gotta figure out a way to shave the middle portion of the chin beard for better symmetry, but don't trust myself to do it properly...

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