Monday, May 23, 2011

My students rock

I’m still feeling on the outs, but if there’s one thing I can always take comfort in, it’s my job. Even though it’s a stressful, time-consuming job, it’s one where I’m constantly exercising my mind, and it’s never boring. It is, to put it succinctly, a job I love. I never thought I’d be lucky enough to utter that phrase, but I do love my job. To wit: my Physics students turned in their last reading journals last week, and here are a few of the more humorous / kind / enthusiastic highlights:

  • I thought this chapter was kind of confusing. Everything I did was plug things in and somehow they were right. I figured out the less I think the better grade I get. So I am just not going to think on the test.
  • [Drawing of a girl drying her hair] Some chick with a hair dryer.
  • This chapter was my favorite because it’s the last one… ever.
  • I am trying and studying my hardest to not fall for your evil tricky problems.
  • What I don’t like about resistors is how they’re numbered all stupidly with colored bars as if the number is all secretive for only freaky electricians to understand.
  • Dear Mr. [NAME], I just wanted to say that it was a pleasure to have you as a teacher for 2 years! You’re an awesome teacher & I’m really going to miss you… and sorry for sucking at Physics!
  • I’m gonna miss you, Mr. [NAME]!! :( You’ve helped me out A LOT in the past two school years.
  • You are an awesome teacher! :) I can’t wait ‘til AP Physics.
  • Overall this chapter was an interesting one. Still, I didn’t want it to be the last. 5 more chapters!! Let’s forget about final review and just learn up to Chapter 22!! I can’t wait for AP Physics!!!

I can’t wait either.


PistolPete said...

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Don Reynolds said...

One of your students said he had trouble remembering the numbers for the colors on resisters. here's what we learned when I was in the service.

Bad(black -0)Boys(brown-1)Raped(red-2)Our(orange-3) Young(yellow-4) Girls(green-5) But(blue-6) Violet(violet-7) Gave(grey-8) Willingly(white-9) for Gold(10%) and Silver.(20%)

I may have something wrong, it's been 40 years, but you can rearrange what you need. The sentence is correct, the numbers, I am pretty sure are correct - not as sure for the percentage things.

Don Reynolds said...

I got a Blog too. ""

No pictures, just writings about things that I find interesting, annoying or humorous.

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Trashmaster46 said...

I am trying and studying my hardest to not fall for your evil tricky problems.

Best student comment ever :)

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The Muse-ual Suspect said...

As a senior English teacher, I can relate. Happy blogging.

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