Sunday, November 3, 2013

In dreams

Nightmares, really.  It's too bad my therapist changed her address and phone number without forwarding the changes to me -- I'm trying hard not to take it personally! -- because she would have had a field day with the bizarre dreams I've had lately.  Last night, for example, I dreamt my immediate family and I were stranded in a foreign country.  We had to spend the night someplace, and I wound up in a place that looked suspiciously like the basement of our home in Cleveland, only it was infested by spiders and some sort of demonic female child.  I killed them all, only to be chastised by my father, who explained that I need not kill things strictly based upon the fact I feared them.

The night before, I dreamt some random guy was bullying me, and I was so surprised by his high-school tactics all I could do was laugh.  All of my friends were embarrassed by what they perceived as cowardice on my part, so I vowed to not hesitate if it should happen again.  Happen again it did, on a school bus -- we were both teachers.  I was speaking with another teacher, and he muttered something under his breath.  I asked him to repeat it, he started threatening me and got up, so I got up and started swinging for the fences.  I mostly missed, but he backed himself into a corner, at which point I jumped on him and savagely bit his nose, and started shaking my head back and forth like a rabid dog while also throwing haymakers at his rib-cage. Those around us screamed in horror and unsuccessfully tried to pry us apart, until I managed to actually bite a chunk of his nose right off his face and spit it at my friends, as if daring them to think me a coward again. Yikes.

A few nights before that, I dreamt I was at a bar with the woman who cuts my hair, and she accidentally bumped into an overweight, extremely unattractive woman.  The woman started cursing her out, so I got between them and explained to the woman it was an honest accident.  She started cursing me out, and then her equally overweight and ugly boyfriend pushed me and took a wild swing at me.  I grabbed a barstool and smashed it over his head, and when his girlfriend started giving me lip, I punched her out.  We high-tailed it out of the bar, and drove off in a panic -- I didn't want to get arrested.  My companion insisted we take some bizarre short-cut, and we wound up lost and out of gas in some hick town, where we were promptly arrested and held prisoners in a barn.

I guess I should be thankful my dreams haven't become really violent. Yet.

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