Sunday, November 2, 2014

Rooting for an entire conference

It's mind-numbingly stupid, and I don't know at what point it got started. I know who the biggest infractors are, though: SEC idiots. Those inbred hilljacks have zero loyalty or code. "I luv Alabama!" Alabama loses. "I luv Auburn too!" Auburn loses. "Go Florida!" Florida loses. "Go LSU!" And on and on it goes. Their latest thing is justifying their teams' losses -- yes, multiple teams -- because the SEC is so tough all their games are somehow national championship caliber. Retards. Here are the latest rankings, according to SEC fans:

1. Mississippi State (they just won against a tough SEC team)
2. Auburn (they gutted out a tough road win against an SEC contender)
3. Ole Miss (would have beaten the current number two team in the country had it not been for an unlucky break)
4. Alabama (their only loss was a tough road loss to the current number three team in the country)
5. Arkansas (just lost a heartbreaker on the road to the number one team in the country)
6. LSU (before last night, they were the only team to have beaten the current number three team in the country)
7. Florida (just destroyed the SEC team nobody wanted a piece of)
8. Georgia (would have beaten Florida soundly if Gurley hadn't been framed by haters)
9. South Carolina (they beat Georgia WITH Gurley)
10. Missouri (something about the south rising again)
11. Kentucky (because SEC)
12. Texas A&M (because SEC)
13. FSU (they're lucky)

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