Monday, June 4, 2007

Cavs !!!!!!!!!

My heartbreaking experiences with my beloved Cleveland sports franchises have left me bitter and jaded... until one of the franchises goes on an improbable run. At that point, treacherous hope springs eternal, and I become insanely excited. In all my years of following The Holy Quaternity, I always felt the powerhouse Tribe teams of the mid- to late 90's had the best shot to actually bring The Fair City by the Lake its first sports championship in 40+ years. If you had asked me which team would be the least likely to do so, I would have guessed the Cavs. Even in the glory days of Price/Daugherty/Nance, they could never get past the Bullshits. This past weekend, however, the rejuvenated, Bron Bron-led Cavs eliminated the hateful Piss-tons to earn the franchise's first-ever trip to the NBA Finals. I think they have a legitimate shot to win it all, provided they can stay focused. Saturday night's celebration was thoroughly satisfying, but it did fill me with unease. The '95 Indians went crazy over finally getting to the World Series after a 41-year drought, so much so that they actually forgot to show up for the games. I got a little whiff of that same type of excitement Saturday night, and I hope the team can get past the euphoria and prepare for the Spurs, who are deep, talented, tough, and extremely well-coached. The coaching matchup, in fact, is the one that bothers me the most. Popovich may well be the best coach in the league, whereas Brown is an underrated defensive coach (the Cavs actually played the best defense in the East for most of the year, and definitely throughout the playoffs), but on offense/adjustments, he's a catastrophe waiting to happen. It's going to take more than defense and some Cochranesque wit ("I'm in it to win it!") to overcome Popovich and the Spurs. It took the Cavs almost 40 years to actually reach the finals. Who knows when/if it will happen again? Carpe diem, boys! An entire city wishes you godspeed.

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